Through this ministry, many souls have been converted to Christ for the Kingdom using this simple format of witnessing & sharing the Adventist message on t-shirts. We have heard many wonderful testimonies of how lives are changed by this effective tool for evangelism. The following are just some testimonies received from our supporters. Check out the Adventist Collection.


An average t-shirt is seen and read about 3,000 times before it gets worned out.

“I was just doing my regular shopping for the week. While walking to my car, this guy approached me and asked if I knew about the book of Daniel. He has been studying the prophecy statue in the book of Daniel chapter 2, but didn’t understand it. Using the statue image on my shirt, I pointed out what each element means and which nation it represented. Soon after we exchange info and now we’re doing weekly bible studies.” – Corey P.

“I was in line at an event, probably during breakfast. I wore a shirt with the phrase, “The Seventh Day is still God’s Sabbath”. A lady came by and asked to sit with me, she read it earlier waiting in line. She asked me about the Sabbath topic because she’s been a Christian who always felt Saturday was the correct seventh-day Sabbath. After I shared from the Bible that it hasn’t been changed, she was amazed discovering this knowledge. I’m glad it I was able to share from wearing your shirt!” – Helen L.

“During my lunch break, my co-worker noticed my sanctuary shirt. He’s a Christian but haven’t studied too deep on the understanding of the sanctuary topic. It was PERFECT to use the drawing illustration on the shirt to do a quick bible study. I just went through the basics, but he thought I was such a expert on this topic…so much so, that he invited me to share a message at his church few weeks later!” – Mark N.

“My car needed service and I brought it to my local mechanic. After it was completed, he asked what my license plate meant. It said, “The Seventh Day is still God’s Sabbath”. We had a brief discussion that was to be follow-up with more studies later on about the Sabbath truth. Over time, the mechanic closed his shop and not work on Saturdays. Then he started attending our church and even brought his staffs! Currently, he is an active-member at our church! Who would have thought that a simple message can impact a person’s life. Thanks SDAshirts, keep it going!” – Emily W.

“We came across the SDAshirts booth and bought several shirts as souvenirs for our family and friends. They’re such a great gift for our church members and the pastor. We can say for sure the youths were especially excited about being a Seventh-day Adventist, they wear it so often that we might need to order new ones soon! Love what you’re doing, may your ministry continue to be a blessing to others.” – James & Tracy K.

“My cousin noticed me wearing the Bible Prophecy beasts from Daniel 7 shirt. She was curious about what it was all about because she wasn’t a Christian, but she liked history. After doing some bible studies on this topic, we also started studying several other doctrines as well. We still have more topics to cover, but slowly, my cousin is becoming more interested in learning more about God.” – Elizabeth G.

“ I purchased all of the prophecy shirts which had beast animals graphic, Daniel statue, and 2300 days timeline on it. While I was volunteering at a Baptist VBS with my kids, I had a person come up to me. We now meet every week and study bible prophecy! This shirt is a must for any Bible worker! Wear it in Walmart!” – Jerrod B.