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Pastor Doug Batchleor with SDAshirts
Pastor Doug Batchleor with SDAshirts
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Founder’s Story: Vuong came to USA at a young age with his family from Vietnam. After high school, he questioned about life and decided to study all of the world’s religions. He was fascinated with the stories in each faith. By divine providence, his best friend shared with him an Amazing Facts bible-study guide leading to biblical-truths that made logical sense. Currently, he is the only Adventist Christian in his Buddhist family. He seeks your prayers for their hearts to find the beautiful truth about God.

SDAshirts is a self-supporting ministry & small business run by this one young man managing it all: designing, printing, packing, answering emails, etc. After working at a variety of different jobs, he wanted to use his graphic design talent to do more for God’s work instead of using it for companies he worked for. So wanting to further the Kingdom of God, he quit the corporate world. By faith, he started a t-shirt printing business to be a way to win more souls effectively. What started off with a few original designs, the shop grew to carry other Christian brands as well! SDAshirts is re-branding under a different names for retailers, but they are still from SDAshirts.

We believe our unique gospel messages displayed on shirts can be used as an effective witnessing tool for evangelism. Many souls have been converted through Christ for the Kingdom with this simple format of witnessing & sharing. “An average t-shirt is seen and read about 3,000 times before it gets worned out.” We often get testimonies of how SDAshirts was used to start a spiritual conversation with strangers, gained a bible study contact, teach Sabbath school lesson, and more. Many of our designs display the unique Adventist doctrines and proclaiming the unique three angels message found in Revelation 14. So when someone reads your shirt, it is another seed planted in their mind for spiritual interest. Display your ministry everywear you go! 🙂 We are sincerely thankful for your support!

God has given each of person a gift. Use them well to serve one another. This will show God’s loving-favor.” – 1 Peter 4:10 (NLV)